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Welcome to the Bad Girls Club! I created this blog simply because I love BGC! Feel free to reblog my content and feel more that welcome to talk to me about the show! I LOVE hearing everyone's opinions on what goes on in the house. Below is a list of the girls who I liked (+) and girls I disliked (-) in each episode.

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Anonymous said: Why don't you update anymore? :(

I don’t have time for it. It sucks and I’m sorry guys but school and work take over my life!

February 22, 2013

The main reason I don’t like Zuly


She played the neutral card be ause she claimed that their issues was none of her business.
Uhm, Zuly, did you forget that Andrea distracted Ricky J so YOU could hit on Rima?
That favor was for you bitch.

And although it was a drama starting favor, Andrea did that shit for you.
So now she was being bullied for helping YOUR ass out, and “the drama doesn’t involve you”
If you weren’t trying to be up Rimas ass, Andrea would probably still be in the house.


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October 3, 2012

yourpettyprincess1 said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thank you!!

October 1, 2012
Turning 19! Almost 20! I feel so old. Have a great day guys!